The first photograph I took features my brother Peto and dog Pedro spending vacations at my grandma´s place in Likier. I used my father´s Flexareta, which he lent me when he was relaxing during vacations. I liked the fox terrier Pedro a lot, and I wanted to save a picture of him even after vacations.

In a real life photos I am proud of the fact that I don´t interfere with what´s going on, I only make a photograph. It´s  my only input. The only thing I have to do is to notice these things. Notice them and then photograph them - borrow them - form the complexity, to illuminate them the way they are.

Well, let me go back to my real-life photos. Everything is linked together. For me, these are the two poles of one thing. I might call the first attitude as a holiday feeling - I feel like all those men, who go out on nice spring weekends, into this  beautiful, awakening nature with Flexaretas around their necks and everywhere you hear them clicking. That´s it exactly. I might even say that my feelings, when I am returning with my prey of a beautiful spring nature picture, are similar to the feelings of these hunters. For me it´s about relaxation. Here I recharge my energy as to be able to encounter with coureage the other part - let say the everyday attitude. After that I can spend, maybe three days and two nights building one still-life, like a man building a boat inside a bottle. And then comes the weekend, and everything works really great.



Only now, in retrospect, do I find that almost all snapshots in this chapter originated during my stays at home, in East Slovakia (summer or winter holidays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween...).



An arranged scene on the stairs leading to our loft in Kosice
The Scout is in danger



Monument to Airmen

I like airmen and I like to listen to their stories. My friend Alice intends to dedicate an independent exhibition to Zdenek Pesánek, perhaps to his "Monument to Airmen" form the twenties. Alice has been working for several years already on the project of building up the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in Louny in the Gallery of B. Rejt


Monument to birds

A central motif in the middle of this photo is an artifical bird-shaped whistle with a cub. When water is poured into the whistle, it begins to sing. The whistle produces really very interesting sounds. I bought it from Russians at the Kosice flea market

Monument to Noah´s Ark

The object on the left side consists of empty medicine packets. I found that piglet standing on a boat laying on the ground in the street.



Monument to Life

- the egg-like object in the middle is an ashtray of Czechoslovak Airlines, borrowed from Kamil Varga.


Monument to Joy

The construction of this still-life was one of the most demanding. I do not remember how many hours I spent building it, but it was not a short time. The object in the middle is a glass paper-weight with a butterfly from my sister-in-law Danka.


Monument to Sadness

Up there on the frame there are the ice cubes, which melted very quickly in the cellophane wrapping underneath. This way they helped to water the rose. Before that the rose was had been laying dry in a cemetery in Suchdol.


Monument for Winners

My uncle Ocsi (Pavol) used to play basketball. In this arrangement you can see his trophies.



Monument to All-Inclusiveness I.

One summer, when I went swimming at Ruzín dam, on my way to the water I would always gather things run over by cars. Monument to All-Inclusiveness I. and II. were made on the porch of my parents´ house.


Little Monument

A mummy of this kitten was discovered on lith of June 1994 by M. C. in a chimney during the  reconstruction of his Bustehrad house. On 29th of July 1994 it went with me on train form Praha-Holesovice to Kosice in a sleeping car.




Photographs of this chapter originated in my studio in Vrsovice during the period of 1987 - 1989.


When working with live models, the mood of everyone present is very important. Here Vasil Stanko and Nadya are the actors. I remember that harmony was really present there.



Michal Cihlár kneeing, Lukás Kadlícek laying, Vasil Stanko standing.




Vasil and Jane. Vasil was my most frequently used model thanks to his physical condition, his being photogenic and mainly that above-mentioned tuning of moods


Living objects (Chinchilla)

Once I visited Michal Cihlár in his neighbourhood studio and he was fooling around with a piece of modelling clay in which he stuck eyes with a pencil. In that instant I asked him: "What is it?" "Chinchilla, can´t you see?" was his answer. Michal, spotting my sympathy towards that creature, presented it to me immediately. Finding a black boy´s profile in a left upper part of the picture you should take your eyes to the face behind the fence and there, roughly in the middle of a thought line, a chinchilla is climbing up on the lath.


Searchers of Light and Truth

Michal Cihlár to the right on this photo always reminds me of Anton Pavlovic Cechov.


Black Altar

A stage was built, illuminated, four people were in place, the loaded camera was prepared - only a fifth man was still missing. At that moment the long-awaited Vasil entered, with an excuse that because of a fever he couldn´t take part in the work. But before he could protest, he was posing udressed at the bottom of the picture. It cost me a great effort then, and him certainly, too.


White Altar

Created by (from the left) Kamil Varga, Denisa, above Honza Volsík, below him Ondra Hosek, Lubka, below Vasil. To harmonize timing and people for one moment gets really complicated with six people

Mystic Story

Kamil, Lubka Durkovicová and Vasil. Lubka was always able to time herself perfectly and to concentrate on the work. Lubka is not an airhead.



The Metal Age

In this picture one can find Lukás Kadlícek and his Evka before they were married.


Black Square 

This photo I re-photographed maybe four times. By doing this I broke my principle - to redo something no more than three times and then leave it alone.


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