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Leather and Vinyl Auto Upholster

Roman Kosta

contact: Roman KOSTA, Brusnicova 48, O40 01, Kosice, Slovak republic. Tel.: ++421 907 958 050

Roman KOSTA -- the only professional auto upholster in eastern Slovakia. -- He gathered his skills in Switzerland where he worked from 1999 to 2001 for the Helmut Jules Studer company, in Olten. On the base of his longtime experience in leather and vinyl upholstering, he's offering a wide range of products and professional approach to his clients.

"We do cushion modifications, repairs, modelling to original shape, side moldings, roofs, dashboard, re-upholstering steering wheels, sleeves -- basically the entire interior. We use natural cowhide leather with autofluids manufactured in Slovakia, eventually customer can select from wide offer of italian leather, that is at our market. Any material or color that is not available immediately, we're able to secure it for the customer. The color scale is fairly wide, and we use the Grendel brand stitching, momentarily the best in our market. Our company was also presented at several automotive exhibitions."

Their production is based on the close cowork with the customer, who is able to chose leather of his or her preference. The customer can even use their own ideas and fantasy while making design ideas. "We consult every step with the client. Basic composition - seat, driving wheel, sleeve - can be made within one week."

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